Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Developing an e-commerce solution to transform the club's online sales.

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Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC)

The Brief

When the VMCC, approaching their 75th anniversary, got in touch with our partners at Minto Branding to design a range of commemorative products to celebrate the milestone, it was only right that we here at Digital Alchemy took on some tasks as well. In order for the VMCC to sell the new product line, they needed a modern, accessible, and stylish web store for their members to shop from. And that’s where we came in.

Our Approach

The aim for the new VMCC e-commerce site was to make it as easy as possible for the customer to shop through the new limited edition 75th anniversary product range. Whilst team Minto took care of the products & their design, we took care of the site. Now that’s teamwork.

Fitting in with the overall product design and colour scheme, it was vital for the online store to reflect this, whilst showcasing the full range of products available in an easy to digest, accessible manor. And that’s what we achieved. While keeping true to the brand of the VMCC we delivered an e-commerce site that fulfilled on all the client needs, adding a few flourishes of our own to take it to the next level. Something we here at Digital Alchemy specialise in.

Whilst a full range of products were chosen and designed by team Minto, they wanted that extra something to take the special anniversary to the next level. A limited edition 75th anniversary watch was the solution. Limited to just 75 being produced and designed, one of the key components in selling the watch was to add a numbered inscription on the back of each piece. The inscription – ranging from 1-75 – was an added surprise so customers could choose their own special number – possibly coinciding with a special date or number in their life. To bring this idea to life, Digital Alchemy needed to add the option when it came to purchasing the watch and add that extra customizable feature. Yet more evidence that at Digital Alchemy we strive to go that one step further.

The durability and accessibility of the site was immediately put to the test, with customers flocking to the site to get their hands on the watches, and the other new items, before they were sold out. And that didn’t take long at all. The watches were gone in less than 24 hours – a testament to the design and the accessibility of the site. Whilst the watches are all gone, there are still plenty of other products up for sale on their new shop, with new products added weekly. Check it out for yourself:

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