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Our alliance with the circular economy experts expanded to give their US division's website a new lease of life and make their voice even louder.

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John Lawrie Tubulars

The Brief

As part of our continued support to John Lawrie Group, we were contracted to deliver a new website for their Tubulars division based in the US (JLT). With brand new imagery, design and messaging this new site would showcase the unique personality and services offered to the US market.

While many companies were pausing projects and cutting costs, JLT took a proactive approach, discussing a future bursting with opportunity and optimism.

The US market was turning over fast, and JLT needed to have a site that looked and functioned far better than that of their competitors.

The site had to engage and encourage US users to discover the range of services, and inventory available through their various strategic locations. It needed to simplify the contact process and to clearly differentiate the messaging from the UK based Group website. It was clear that both businesses had a unique audience and required a unique approach.

We delivered on target and on time in just under 6 weeks.

Our Approach

One of the challenges was to create something striking while not straying from the Group brand guidelines. The JLT brand was already well established and after considering a refresh, it was realised that it was still as strong as ever. This presented our team with a great opportunity to grow the brand rather than change it. We wanted to go bold.

We focused on delivering quick and seamless user interactions with a few minimalist visual effects to add a little interest but above all we wanted to keep it simple. The focal point of the website was the 6 locations, the wide range of services and their 2 million feet of pipe inventory. We made sure the opportunities for contact were there from above the fold on the home page all the way through to each service page. We also integrated analytics and events tracking to monitor web activity and downloads specifically.

The use of their corporate typeface in blue over white exceeds accessibility contrast guidelines (WCAG AAA) with a ratio of 11.95:1. We utilised our time to optimise every inch of the site from image sizes to code, and we delivered a lightweight, technical build that would perform well across all major browsers. We even spent time bug fixing for Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. If that’s not dedication then we don’t know what is.


Award Winning Web Design & Development

In July 2020, we were awarded Gold by Hermes Creative awards for the design and development of the John Lawrie Tubulars website. The Gold Award was specifically given to us for the overall website in the Business to Business category.

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